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Kevin Coppinger brings over 30 years experience and training in public safety and law enforcement at every level.  He holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He has received advanced training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA.

Kevin Coppinger is the only candidate who combines the administrative, budget management, corrections, public safety and community experience necessary to be an effective Sheriff and bring needed positive changes to the ECSD.

Kevin Coppinger is Chief of the Lynn Police force. He knows how to make a public safety organization work well. He is the only candidate who has directly managed 200 law enforcement employees and been directly accountable for developing and implementing $20 Million annual budgets.

Kevin Coppinger will improve staffing standards, training and accountability for all ECSD employees at all facilities. All staff will have the up-to-date certifications and training needed to be effective and safe in the corrections facility. All hires, assignments, evaluations and promotions will be made on merit and qualifications.

Kevin Coppinger will expand and improve the detox and follow-up program to provide addicted inmates a path out of drug dependency. He supports the Angel program efforts and other community outreach programs working to provide detox to addicts. He will partner with Essex community efforts to generate resources needed to confront the regional opioid epidemic.

Kevin Coppinger will improve inmate reentry preparation and community linked follow-up programs to reduce recidivism. He will fight for the state budget allocations necessary to achieve comprehensive programs with better results.

Kevin Coppinger will take the politics out of the Sheriff’s Department once and for all.  To be effective, the Sheriff must earn and maintain the respect of the whole Department as well as the public it serves. Taking the politics and campaign fundraising pressures out of the Sheriff’s Dept. is an essential part of achieving both moving forward.

Kevin Coppinger has the established working relationships with local municipal and law enforcement leaders, the District Attorney’s office, the courts and civic groups and organizations that will be a resource in working together to solve regional public safety issues.

Kevin Coppinger has earned the respect and endorsement of law enforcement and public safety leaders:  Police Chiefs and officers from across Essex County have joined criminal justice leaders to support Coppinger including Former Essex District Atty Kevin Burke, Undersecretary of Public Safety Curt Wood, and former Salem Chief and State Rep. Paul Tucker. 

Kevin Coppinger has been endorsed by the MA Police Chiefs Association, the Essex County Chiefs of Police Association, and the MA Major Cities Police Chiefs organization.

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