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Sheriff Coppinger’s proven experience, ability and leadership have made him an effective Sheriff who has brought positive change to the Essex County Sheriff’s Department! Help Kevin keep the good work going and join his great winning team by volunteering today! Every little effort makes a difference! Everyone is welcome and sincerely appreciated!


Sheriff Kevin Coppinger has taken the politics out of the Essex County Sheriff’s department. No monetary campaign donations from employees are accepted. Hiring and promotions are based on merit  alone. He has kept the ECSD free from favoritism or political pressure. To help Kevin continue this important work, the Coppinger Committee needs your help to be successful on Primary Day, September 6, 2022!  Every little bit helps!  Please donate today!


Kevin Coppinger has been strongly endorsed by:

MA Attorney General Maura Healey
Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett
Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis

Mayor Kim Driscoll, Salem MA

Representative Linda Dean Campbell

Representative Frank Moran

and many more!

All of the above impressive individuals endorse Coppinger for Sheriff.

They join scores of Public Safety and Municipal Leaders and
34 Local Chiefs of Police across Essex County in giving strong support to Kevin.
Click their photos to see what they've had to say about Sheriff Coppinger!

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